100 in 1

Well the journey is on.  On July 31, 2011 I will be embarking on a week long cruise.  A vacation that by then will be much needed.  Before this cruise, I’m embarking on another journey.  To lose 100lbs in  1 year.   For those that know me, you know that this is not only a needed goal but a good one.  The 100lbs breaks out into 8-10 lbs per month and is definitely an attainable goal. 

My starting weight, 340.  Yup you read that right.  I didn’t get here over night and I won’t lose it overnight either.  I believe that I’m finally ready for this journey in so many ways.  Along the way there will be peaks and valleys, I know.  I will have victories and defeats but the key is consistency.  Many have asked how I plan to reach this goal.  Well…living the basics, that is how.  Eating when hungry, stopping when satisfied.  excercise daily, get out of the house on weekends and keep variety in my life.  Sounds too basic.  Well, if you consider that most of my weekends over the last couple years have been spent in a recliner, that my food has been whatever is quick and easy and that going to a gym or “working out” have never been fun for me, then you will get that the basics are what I need. 

Nothing extreme, no weird diets or “biggest loser” workouts.  Being consistent in eating the right foods (real food, prepared in the kitchen and not from a box) is going to be a huge challenge.   Daily exercise is very hard and I’m trying to move my gym time to before work as my evenings can fill up with other meetings.  I’m not a morning person anymore. 

So, in one month, I will update again.  I figure month updates are enough on this little journey for the world to read.  Now I will also be posting about photography trips, church and other events in my life.  If I inspire you, great…If I entertain you, that’s okay…if you are bored, read something else.

The verse on my calendar for the month is Psalms 25:4-5  Show me Your ways, O Lord; teach me Your paths. Lead me in Your truth and teach me, for Your are the God of my salvation, on You I wait all the day. 

I pray I can apply this as I’m on this journey.  Lord, teach me what you need to teach me as I work towards being healthy and whole.  I can’t do this alone and I know you are with me as I take on this challenge.  Without you Lord, I am helpless but with you I am strong.


8 thoughts on “100 in 1

  1. Janelle,

    I’m so excited to read updates on your journey toward healthy living! Please keep the posts coming. Your dream/goal inspires me!

    • Well you are partly responsible. I love reading your blog posts on Facebook and it just seemed like a good idea for me in this journey. A way to have some accountabilty out there to keep me moving forward on the journey.

      Love ya!!!!

  2. Yay Janelle! Welcome to the world of blogging (that I am temporarily on sabbatical from). So excited for you with the 100lb goal. Believe it or not, I lost 70lbs total in Evangeline’s first year. Of course a lot of that was baby weight but a lot if it wasn’t. I honestly think yoga and cardio were the two best things I did – the weeks when I was really serious about both were the weeks I lost the most (go figure). I have a membership to LA fitness – not sure if you’ve already gotten a gym membership, but I’m going to have to close my account – wonder if I can instead transfer it to you and have them wave the signing cost? I pay $30/mo. Let me know.

    Anyways, I’ll keep my eye on your progress here on your blog. Good luck! 🙂

    • Thanks Tammie. Not sure where you hid most of that 70 lbs. You never looked like you gained that much while pregnant. Congrats on getting it off and getting back in shape!!!

      I’ve been a member at Vision Quest since March through work($19/month). I started strong and I’ve gone at least once or twice a week since I joined but my evenings have gotten a bit crazy this summer so I’m having to adjust to mornings to get the workout in daily. Uugh!

  3. I’m so very proud to know you, and to call you my friend. This step you’ve taken, recording your goal for the world to see is a lot bigger than you think. I’m praying for you, sister! And who knows? Maybe you’ll inspire me to join you . . . 🙂

    • This is a bit out there, even for me. But I really felt that I needed to write stuff down during this journey as part of the accountability factor. I also love to write and short status updates on Facebook just don’t cut it when something is on ones mind.

      This time when we swim with stingrays they won’t see us coming. 😀

      Love ya!

  4. Janelle,

    Thanks for sharing your goals and journey last night at Pastor Luis’ house. I look forward to reading your blog and I am sure it will inspire me to get back on the weight loss wagon!

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