A Clever Title Eludes Me…Updating the Journey…

I could have named this post many things…

And the beat goes on…
Keep on truckin…
Consistency is the key…

…but none of these really summarize month 2 of this year-long journey. Overall, the month was very successful. Yet there is always a part that asks how do I improve? How do I get better results? Can I take a break yet? Are we there yet? Hello? Anybody home??? Changing my life and finally walking forward and being accountable to follow through with this journey is not easy. Thank you to all who have dropped in a word of encouragement, asked how it is going or just give a hug. I’m even more determined to succeed…..NO…WAIT..succeed isn’t good enough…I’m even more determined to be VICTORIOUS on this journey.

So here are month 2 results –
Monthly Goal – 8-10 lbs
Month 2 Result – 12 lbs
Starting Weight for the month was 325
Ending Weight fo the month is 313

Not bad. Not bad at all. This brings my total overall weight-loss to 27 lbs!!!! Month 3 could really bring a big milestone into view…299 is doable. It would be nice if the scale would cooperate and give one number.  This morning I had numbers that ranged from 313 to 308 and everything in between.  Since it never went above 313 that is what I’m reporting.  If I’m a bit lower than that gives me a head start for next month.  I know that I’m not higher so I’m confident in the posting.  During month 3 I will keep my head on straight. I will stay consistent in exercise and diet. I will not try to do too much or make unhealthy choices just to speed up results. I WILL see a 2 at the beginning of my weight when I report totals next month.  I haven’t seen a legitimate 2 (non-broken scale) in over 15 years.  I may have to throw a going a way party for the 3’s.

For those of you who may be on your own journey, the best encouragement I can give you is also a bit boring.  Be consistent in your choices.  That is the only way true change will come.  This can be applied in so many areas of life, not just in diet and exercise.  Every day, the choices that you make affect not just that moment but the results of moments to come.  My diet and exercise choices are resulting in so many blessings.   I have more energy. I’m sleeping better. Those clothes I bought that didn’t quite fit are fitting and fitting nicely.(You all have them taking up space in your closet.  A blouse or pair of pants that you didn’t want to expend the energy to try on at the store so you bought them, brought them home.  Then the item didn’t quite fit but going back to the store to return it would take too much energy so you kept them for when the would fit).  I know that these choices are going to mean a healthy life.  A life where I can participate and not be a spectator.  A life that I can say yes more than no to events, activities and projects. 

Verse for the coming month – Psalm 62:7 In God is my salvation and my glory; the rock of my strenght, and my refuge, is in God.


2 thoughts on “A Clever Title Eludes Me…Updating the Journey…

    • Miss you too!!!! When you coming over the mountains for a visit?

      I would really like for the results to be faster in coming but I’ll take the consistentcy and keep on plugging away.


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