So the New Year has come….

January 1, 2011….well I wasn’t sure how this year would start and now it has hit with a bang.  Everything that I’ve been working for in this journey now seems even more important than reaching a great goal for a cruise.  Last night my brother was taken to the hospital with a brain bleed (similar to a stroke or aneurysm) most likely caused by extremely high blood pressure.  One of the two risks that are in my family history are Diabetes and High Blood Pressure and I have tested twice in the “at risk” for high blood pressure so I know this is an area that my health and weight journey will benefit.  Now I’m praying that this health scare will also be a wake up call for my brother.  He is not out of the woods yet but he is improving hourly.  The extent of any brain damage is not yet known as it is too early, however there is no paralysis and he is able to follow-commands.  He has a long journey of his own in the making.

So as I woke up, you can imaging stepping on the scales for a month end number wasn’t my first thought.  In fact, I thought of skipping this update but that would not serve to inspire me or anyone else.  The scale was kind.  December is probably the one and only month that losing weight is rare.  Well I did lose.  Not a lot like in November but I have hit a few milestones.  Probably a few too many splurges at potluck and parties. I do know that in order to successfully make this type of health change, deprivation won’t work.  Moderation is the key so I try to be smart, enjoy and never go overboard.  Here are my numbers:

  • Original Starting weight(7/31/2010) – 340
  • November final – 286
  • December final – 277
  • Weight loss for December – 9 lbs
  • Total weight loss – 63 lbs

I have officially lost 100 lbs from my highest weight in just over a year and a half.  That is amazing.  Yet when I see pictures of myself now, I see the need to lose another hundred at least and it is hard for me to know that 100 more was piled on my body.  When all is done, I hope to have lost over 200 lbs. This current journey still has the focus of getting to 240 during the year. I’m entering month 6 already more than half way.  I feel confident in successfully hitting and possibly beating this goal.

January holds some changes as well.  I will begin new workouts where I move to the treadmill in the mornings.  This is to begin in preparation for the Tulip Run in April and the Free them 5K in May.  I hope that the change in workouts doesn’t slow down the weight loss.  With the goal remaining the same, 8 to 10 lbs in a month, I think I can continue to meet my goal.  I do expect it to take at least a week for me to feel comfortable on the treadmill and actually get a good workout. So until next time, I’m off and “running”.

Great is the Lord! He is most worthy of praise!
No one can measure his greatness. Psalms 145:3 (NLT)



One thought on “So the New Year has come….

  1. Wow, Janelle! I read your story completely amazed! I know you are going to make it to your goal and on top of that, I know that you are going to see yourself come out of those “hazardous to your health” areas in your blood pressure. You so inspire me! Your consistency and perseverance are such a motivation to me. Thank you for continuing to post your updates online!

    I can’t wait to read your next post!

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