No Foolin’….Month 8 update

Today is April Fool’s Day and I kinda feel like the scales and my body is playing a bit of an April Fool’s day joke on me.  Such is life.  Last Saturday it looked like I was on track for another 10lbs this month.  The weekly weigh in had me at 248 with almost a week to go.  Thought I had it.  But alas, my body decided to plateau a bit, which everyone’s does no matter what you do, and I didn’t quite make the goal.  It okay, after 8 hard months of working out twice a day and keeping the calories in check, I can look back and know I’ve done and am doing everything I need to do to eventually complete this journey. 

I don’t know how many of you ever watch The Biggest Loser.  I do and yes I’m one of those that is usually eating dinner while watching as I record it and watch it on Wed or Thurs (love that fast forward button through all the repeat scenes and “suspense” moments).  Watching the eliminated player’s recap at the end this week they showed her shopping with friends in a non-plus size store.  Over the years I have experience the same thing that the contestant mentioned.  Going into stores and feeling like I’m in the wrong place or being treated by the salespeople as someone whom is in the wrong department.  Interesting thing is that my co-worker, who is tall and skinny, experiences the same thing when she goes with a friend to a plus-size store.  We are not kind in the world to those that are different, in many ways, not just weight.  Treatment in stores is just a small example.  During the month, look for ways to show love and acceptance of those around us.  In the workplace, your neighborhood, even at Church and among your “friends”.  You may not even realize that someone is excluded or feels like they are different and it shouldn’t matter.  Some times it is the smallest things that make the biggest impact. 

April does hold one big new challenge. April 9th, I’m off to the Tulip Festival Run.  I’ve been told that the 5 mile course is open for 2 hours…hmmm…Do I really want to be the last one to cross the line?  Is completing a 5 mile course my “biggest loser marathon moment” or should I do the 2 mile fun run.  Still deciding….any thoughts?

My results for this month.

  • Original journey starting weight(7/31/2010) – 340
  • February final – 256
  • March final – 250
  • Weight loss for March – 6 lbs
  • Total weight loss – 90 lbs
  • Total weight loss from high of 378 – 128 lbs

Will I reach 100 this month?  It is possible.  I’m not changing my overall goals.  I still will be working to lose 8-10lbs (2-3lbs a week) during the month.  I may throw out the scales…okay I won’t…I’ll just take deep breaths and keep on working.  This is just one stage in the overall journey.  I didn’t get there overnight and I’m not going to finish overnight.  No foolin’


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