And now on to the “One” derful 100’S….Month 9 update

I started this blog to not just track my journey but as a way to place more accountability on myself.  Everyone that can read this will read about the good and the bad as I make my way to the healthy weight and life. This month was a tough month.  In fact, none of these months have been easy.  I’ve not let myself think about taking a break or taking it easy.  Okay, so I’ve thought about it almost every day, I just haven’t given in to the thoughts.  As I type this entry, I’m wearing a t-shirt from the Tulip Run earlier this month.  It was wonderful to have so many family participating and supporting me at this event.  I finished.  Five long miles.  I ran a little, I walked a lot and I survived.  Here is a photo as I walked across the finish line.

Tulip Festival Run - April 2011

Did I win a medal?  Nope.  That wasn’t the point.  Nine months ago I would have had a hard time with the 2 mile walk.  The challenge here is not to win these races but to complete them.  Give myself more goals than just going to the gym or eating “X” number of calories.  My next challenge is a 5K on May 7th.  The fun part of this is that the event is in my old backyard on the Crista Campus (I know a few short cuts but I’ll stick to the course.)

Other goals met this month, hiking up Wallace Falls by Gold Bar.  Now I didn’t get all the way to the top as time in the day ran out (got to the hike later than planned) and the final section was rated difficult.  To be honest, the medium level of the hike was hard enough but it was worth it.  Wow, what a wonderful waterfall right in our backyard.  The hike (4.2 miles round trip) had a fair amount of steep inclines and switchbacks yet it was the perfect first hike of the season.  The weather was perfect, the company was wonderful (THANKS CHRISTINA!!!) and I’m looking forward to going again when I can get to the top.

So as you can read, this has been a month of meeting goals.  Ultimately, if you are reading this, you want to know if I’ve hit the big goal for this journey.  When I ended March, I was 10lbs away.  March was tough but I always know that if I stay consistent and focused, eventually the results will arrive (just maybe not in my timetable).  Here are the results:

  • Original journey starting weight(7/31/2010) – 340
  • March final – 250
  • April final – 239
  • Weight loss for April – 11 lbs
  • Total weight loss – 101 lbs
  • Total weight loss from high of 378 – 139 lbs

Yes you have read it right…101lbs!!!!!!  I actually could put this at 138, but the scale read 139 more times this morning then 138 (yup, scales still likes to give multiple numbers even when I try to stand exactly the same and put the scales in the same place, sheesh!)  So I give myself a 1 lb start on May, it doesn’t hurt to be conservative once in a while.

Am I done?  Nope.  I still have three months till this year is over and I’m now headed toward the 100’s.  I know I will not make it before the end of the journey year and that is fine.  The focus is not just this one year, but the rest of my life.

Finally, just in case you may have forgotten.  Here is a photo from February 2010 where I was around 350.  Take a good look cuz you will not ever see it again.

Pre-Journey Photo - Feb 2010


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