On the edge

Where did September go?  I blinked and it was over. Did September seem as fast to you? We have three months left in 2011 and life moves too fast to just watch it go by. I plan to make the most of every day.  I pray that you will too.

The goal, lose 6-8 for the month.  This far into getting healthy, sustaining significant weight loss each month is harder, but I know that every pound is well earned.  I’m to a point where this weight has been with me since I was in my late teens/early 20’s.  None of this is “water weight” or recently gained weight that I can lose easily. I have to track all my foods, ensure that I have a good balance of protein, good carbs & fat.  We need all of these in the right balance to be healthy.  Overall that is the point.  Yes I have 50lbs to reach my goal.  That is really secondary to being healthy, whole and fit.

This month, I made some changes to diet and exercise routine.  I stopped taking the frozen lunches and worked at planning and preparing better foods. While 250-300 calorie frozen meal seems so easy, in reality, a good salad with grilled chicken or turkey chili from the crock pot is so much better overall.  I also added more protein with smoothies for breakfast which are low in calorie, easy to make, filling and good for building muscle/burning fat with all the exercise I’m doing.  In the gym, I’m still doing the morning/night workouts.  I focus on a lot on cardio as this burns the most calories.  I did change up the machine to a different type of elliptical and have added in strength training with weights.  The month was a great success.  I’m right on the edge of a major milestone.  It would have been SOOOOO “one”derful to break through in this month yet I know it will happen.  I know that at the end of October I will have broken through and that milestone will be in the past.


  • Sept – 208
  • Oct – 200 (just couldn’t get that scale to read 199)
  • Weight-loss in Sept – 8 lbs
  • Total weight-loss – 178lbs (from high of 378)


  • Monthly weight-loss – 6-8lbs
  • Weight-loss to reach Goal Weight – 50 lbs
  • Goal Weight – 150 lbs
  • Target Date – April 2012

3 thoughts on “On the edge

  1. Wow!!! How amazing it is to have LOST almost as much as you weigh! I do know the feeling and it is fabulous! Eight pounds a month is a very high goal. I’m working my TAIL off and am thrilled to have lost 5.5 pounds in September. Before I started burning 5000 calories or more per week, my weight loss was very meager. It’s a tough routine to maintain, but I’m staying committed to it. Take your time and keep on losing it right. The more fit you become, the less you weigh, the harder it is to burn calories. You are an inspiration!

  2. Great job Janelle!!! It seems like we have to keep making those changes in the right direction one at a time because all at once can be overwhelming – I noticed you are doing more prepared foods instead of frozen. I still am working on our meal planning and preparing department…it’s been tough. I hope to have a good system worked out at some point, but not there yet. I have areas of home management that I am working on, so a different area than you, but a big challenge for me. Thanks for inspiring me to keep going in the areas I need to work on!!!!! 🙂

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