Life can be a yo-yo. Up Down Up Down…

October is in the books and I’m not overly sad to see it go. My month was filled with ups and downs. Here are examples –

  • Down – weighins are not fun.  I weighin on Saturday with a mid-week check on Wed.  The scale went up more than down most of the month.  I’m going to place that on the weight training..building muscle and burning fat was balancing each other out. More often than not this month I was 201, 202, 200, 203, 200 etc…..
  • Up – finally the scale direction moved the right way, which is actually to the left on the old spring scales and I ventured below 200. 
  • Down – missed my weight loss goal of 6-8 lbs
  • Up – got below 200 and stayed below 200 (or is that a down?)

Well…you get the idea.  It could very easily turn into a broken record today but it will do no good.  In summary, I didn’t lose much weight but I did breakthrough a very major hurdle.  I know that when there are these major hurdles, that I dwell on results more than is good for me.  The last big one(breaking the 100lb weight loss barrier) was also very hard and I had a low month. It took me an extra month (based on my goals and previous month weight-loss) to break that mark and lose 100lbs.  This time, I didn’t have a lot of weight loss in the month but I was able to push through the struggles, the ups and downs and come out ahead. 

I’ve not been below 200 in over 20 years.  Definitely holding my head high and celebrating this achievement.  There are no small victories. In my personal training session tomorrow we will take measurements and I’ll know the full amount of the success for the month.  I do see differences in some key areas that I know are improved from the strength training.  Time is what is needed for the best results in these areas, not just weight loss. 

Now we enter November and the beginning of a couple of months with holidays, parties and extra activities yet I have a good feeling about the month.  I know that my days of 10-12lb weight loss in a month is over, but I do feel that the 6-8 lbs in November is within reach, even with Thanksgiving. The slower weightloss is to be expected after already having lost so much and with the addition of the weight/strength training to the journey.  Those stonger muscles will burn even more fat and get me moving towards that final goal. 

So as I head into this month, nothing changes in the larger plan.  Keep the balance of calories burned/calories consumed in check. Keep working on improving my overall nutrition making sure that every calorie counts. There are a ton of foods out there with empty calories in the disguise of real food.  Need to vary my workouts more and more as well so that my body doesn’t get too comfortable with the workouts. My focus is on the end result of living a healthy life and enjoying that life.  I have a photography outing planned this weekend that is very needed.  Getting out of the city with friends and enjoying the mountains for a bit.  Going to be great. Get out an enjoy the season! 


  • Oct 1 – 200
  • Nov 1 – 198
  • Weight-loss in Oct – 2 lbs
  • Total weight-loss – 180lbs (from high of 378)


  • Monthly weight-loss – 6-8lbs
  • Weight-loss to reach Goal Weight – 50 lbs
  • Goal Weight – 150 lbs
  • Target Date – April 2012

One thought on “Life can be a yo-yo. Up Down Up Down…

  1. Wow, so encouraging to hear my friend, keep up the good work, keep me in your prayers as well as I am trying to lose but someday have absoulty no motivation. Joined the YMCA Pastor use to talk aboutou look GREAT!

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