So this blog ha…

So this blog has been sitting open most of the day.  Not sure I have anything really earth shattering, inspirational, motivational or even interesting to say today.  February was a whirlwind and I’m still recovering at work from a crazy  month-end the last few days. I did read something kinda funny today –

The only time a pound of anything weighs more than a pound of anything else is when one pound is on the Earth and one pound is on some other planetary object with a different gravitational pull. 

This was in response to people saying that a pound of fat weighs more than a pound of muscle.  This is one of my pet peeves as well.  When the scale doesn’t move or goes up rather than down, there are usually very good reasons for this and it isn’t that someone is gaining muscle. 

Am I satisifed with my progress this last month?  Actually yes, I am.  I had a lot going on, including a trip to homecoming in Tulsa where I attended receptions, banquets and luncheons.  I ran a 5k and worked out most days to keep everything in balance.  Came way with several pounds gained that had to be lost again before I could show any lost from the end of last month.  So while my final number is a small loss, all is well.  I knew going into the month that 6 lbs would be tough with travel in the mix.  It is one reason I set the goal.  It kept me focused and pushing even though I was behind most of the month. The 200lb total will come. March was probably always a more reasonable month for this, I just wanted the push.

March will see me training for a 5 mile run on April 7th, the Tulip Run.  Several of my friend and family will be joining me.  In addition, I’m starting more serious training soon for the 1/2 marathon on June 23.  I’ve officially signed up for the Rock n Roll Half in Seattle that day.  Definately a challenge and I really hope that my last 30 or so pounds will be gone and I can run this event at or very near my final weight.  What a great way to end this part of my journey by reaching my goal weight and completing the race.

For those of you participating in t

So, here are my numbers –


  • Feb 1 – 184
  • Mar 1 – 182
  • Weight-loss in Feb –  lbs.
  • Total weight-loss – 196lbs (from high of 378)


  • Monthly weight-loss – 6-8lbs
  • Weight-loss to reach Goal Weight – 37 lbs
  • Goal Weight – 150 lbs
  • Target Date – June 2012 (officially made the change based on my current rate of loss.)

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