Journey to be a Perfect 10

No, I’m not talking about the Worlds standards for a Bo Derek “10”….Here is what I’m talking about…..

Starting Sept. 1st, my goal is to focus on getting into size 10 before the end of the year more than a goal weight.  I know that a size is roughly 20-25 lbs for my body.  Right now I’m “just” into size 12’s and I want to not just “get into” 10’s but for them to be really really comfortable.  I want to walk into any store, grab a 10 and expect it to fit. Now I know that the fashion/apparel world never took any lessons in math and that a size 10 at one store could be a size 12 at another and a size 8 at yet another.  I’m fine with a size 12 once in a while and I’d be thrilled with the occaisional size 8.  That isn’t the point, the point is that 10 will be my medium, my guide, my go to first grab, my “perfect 10”.

So where have I been?  I know the blog has been silent.  Well, I took a scale break for a few months as I was getting obsessive, as well as self sabotaging myself both mentally and physically all over the place, trying to reach the 200lbs overall loss since my high of 378.  A break was something I had to do.  I’ve not slacked on the exercise at all (I’ve successfully completed mutliple 5k’s, a couple 10k’s, a 12k and 2 Half Marathons during my scale break).  While diet has been a bit more tricky, having tried to switch up the types of food, blend of macros etc to get the loss moving again (with no real success based on the gym weigh-ins but I don’t count those, only the ones on my personal scale).  I’ve had weekends and days that I’ve splurged during this time and that is going to change as well. Overall, I’ve stayed healthy just not nit-picky or as focused as during the time I was losing the majority of the weight.  I’m still eating in a good calorie range and eating good foods yet I know that Ithe weigh-loss stalled and there has been a slight 5-10 lb. gain in the last 6 months (this is somewhat based on gym scale as well as how my clothes fit.)

The mental break has been good but now I’m ready and determined to begin the “Journey to be a Perfect 10”.  Scale visits beginagain Saturday, Sept. 1.  Four months of at least bi-weekly weigh-ins will be back in the routine and I’ve got 17 weeks until the end of the year.  Some will say it is crazy to make these months goal months to finish this part of my journey.  That it isn’t smart, with all the holidays, parties and events, but I respectfully disagree.  What better time to really focus on being healthy, fit and fabulous than the holiday’s?  I say this is the perfect time to go for my Perfect 10 goal!

So, my previous low was 181 but I know I went up a bit so I’m hoping for 190 or less on Sat. (I’m being really good and focused this week, I just haven’t seen a scale number yet…kinda a warm up for the start). If I set my goal as simply 1lb a week, that would be 17 pounds till the end of the year.  Not quite enough I don’t believe for a goal so I’m going for 25lbs in 17 weeks.  I will post starting numbers this weekend and try to provide updates/stories/events during these 4 months. Now let the scale be kind on Sat. and put me below 190…Please!!!

Perfect 10 here I come!!!!!!



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