Fair weather runner….

Well week two done and completed.  I did not run outside on Saturday as was my plan.  I know I will have to bite the bullet one of these days and hit the road rain or shine, wind or calm, cold or warm.  Saturday was not the day.  My Dad was even going to meet me at one of the trails if I didn’t have another running partner but I bailed completely(sorry Dad!).  Gym and treadmill for me as it was just plain TOO COLD!

I can tell you that running 6 miles as a hamster is not overly fun.. Treadmill is just plain boring no matter what you do to improve the workout.  I had music playing, the tv set to a decent show with sub-titles (multi-tasking to keep my mind somewhere else) and it still dragged on. Really do not want to do that long of a run again so please weather warm up and dry out for me..okay..for all the runners who want to run outside but are weather wimps.

So far in April I have ran over a full marathon(28.75 miles).  Now to do this in just a few hours.  Still very daunting and challenging.  I feel good about starting this far out.  Yes 6 months is a long time for a training plan but I’d rather have weekly, consistent goals to meet now versus trying to push the training in a shorter timeline.

I will have no choice but to run outside this weekend for my long run as I’m participating in the Seahawks 12k on Sunday morning.  I’ll be running along Lake Washington so I’m expecting if to be quite cool.  If I maintain a run stride for the whole 12k it will be my longest official run to date.  I did a 15k in January where I was able to maintain the run stride up to mile 8 before walking(or nearly dying as I faced yet another hill that I just couldn’t keep running).  With the flat course this week I know I’m up to the challenge.

As I post this simple update on my training, I’m fielding emails and inquires about the Boston Marathon.  Friends verifying that I didn’t run or asking if I know anyone running.  Personally I do not think I know anyone at the event however I have several friends and family members that do know people who ran.  So far all reports have them safe.  This is a sad and tragic day for this country.  My prayers are with the families of all those affected.  As I continue to participate in events between now and Maui, I’m sure this event will be on everyone’s hearts and minds.

Miles Ran in week 2 – 15 miles

Miles to run in week 2 – 17 miles (Include Seahawks 12k at Renton Landing on Sunday)

Exercise Fact: Dancing is a terrific and fun form of exercise that can improve cardiovascular fitness just like any other more formal type of exercise.

Marathon Training


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