Month One went way too fast

I really didn’t mean to miss posting last week, time got away and even though I opened wordpress a couple times last Monday it just didn’t happen.  Training is going good.  So far the distances are not too much and I’m able to complete the runs.  Wednesdays have been the hardest.  Not sure why, so I’m going to change it up this week and try to run in the mornings.  I do not know if running in the morning will be better or not.  I think the Wednesday difficulty my also be mental.  I’m talking my self into not being at my best by the afternoon when I’m schedule to run.  If I can switch it up and run in the morning, maybe I’ll be fresher and more able to push myself on these runs.

Last Saturday’s Cinco De Mayo 8k in Snoqualmie was “almost” fun.  The sun was out and the course was flat.  If not for a bathroom break I would have had a personal best.  Next time that PR is going to fall.  I have found that I do better running with others, so I’m looking to fill in a few more Saturdays with some events. The bank account won’t allow for too many more than I’ve already signed up for to date so I will be picky.  Still need to come up for a plan on how to complete the long runs coming in August. I’ve got a bit of time but those runs scare me.  Thank goodness I’ve planned a full six months to get these distances up as I don’t think i could have done a shorter training schedule. I’m just not a good enough runner.

Still trying to figure out how to get off another 20-30lb before Maui. I believe I can do it, I just have to get the right mix of calories burned and nutrition to see the weight drop a bit faster. One change will be to add more strength training in the coming weeks.  I think a better balance between cardio and strength will help overall. One fear is in changing what worked so well for so long. The one area I’ve stayed very consistent is the two cardio workouts Mon – Fri. and I’ve tried to not mess with that too much.  So small changes, some shorter cardio on my cross-training days with more strength.Building more muscle with more consistent strength workouts will help burn fat (so all the “experts” say).

This week the weather is cooperating I’ll be doing a (YIKES) 7-mile run early on Saturday morning before I’m spending the day taking photos for a friends wedding.  No sleeping in this weekend.  My next event is the 15k Seattle best at Lake Union in two week.s  Last 15k I did I fell a bit short of the full event in a “run” so that is my goal for this upcoming event.  Just keep that run stride for the whole race.  Weather needs to stay nice this month!

Miles ran week 4 – 15.5 miles

Miles ran week 5 – 16 miles

Miles planned week 5 – 17 miles


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