A New Day a New Journey

Almost 3 years ago I set out on a journey to lose 100 lbs in 1 year. Today I’m starting a new journey.  This one is definitely a huge challenge.  Sept. 22nd I have signed up to “run” the Maui Marathon. Yes you read that right.  I will be finishing a full, 26.2 marathon (over 17 miles along the ocean) in the beautiful location of Maui, Hawaii.  I’ve never done a marathon and I’ve never been to Hawaii. Combining the two will either be genius or certifiable and I have 6 months to figure out which will prove to be true. I learned from my weight loss journey that blogging regularly, putting my goals and progress in writing, really kept me accountable. So I’m doing it again.  I will be posting my experiences, struggles, challenge, victories and thoughts for the next 6 months.  Along the way there will be some interesting stories, possible insights and hopefully a laugh or two for everyone reading.  So this week the 25 weeks training plan has the following on tap for me:

Week Date Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
1 1-Apr Cross 3M 3M 3M Rest 5M Tulip Run Cross

There will be not weight tracker however as this is ultimately a fitness challenge and goal not a weight loss challenge. Maybe it is wishful thinking that changing my focus from weight loss diet to the physical will kick start the body out of the weight loss funk. Out of sight/out of mind.  Not that I will not be working on my diet, tracking my food and keeping up with my nutrition plan.  All that is still going to be happening and some of it will make its way to the blog. Expect though to read more about the workouts and running events than the weight.  This blog will not be as much about weight loss as my original but I am working toward dropping about 20-25 lbs before the race.  That would put me really close to my final weight goals so that is a plus to all this running.  I’ve struggle over the last year, not to maintain but to keep the losses coming regularly.  This change in focus hopefully will result in a change in weight as well.  Last weigh in I was 188 lbs and I will post progress within my posts (either way) over the coming weeks.Cross will be anything that isn’t running or walking.  Most likely I’ll be on the elliptical at the gym.  I’m still finalizing my strength training plan to accompany the cardio with my training. If any of you are in the Burlington area, come out to the Tulip Run on Sat. http://www.tuliprun.com/ There is a 2 mile fun run along with the 5 mile run.  This is my 3rd year for the event and it is becoming a tradition.  This year I will complete 5 miles without walking!!!  Far cry from the first year when I barely made it to the finish line.

I will be putting a mileage tracker however where I’ve logged the miles ran each week once I find a site and figure out how to add the tracking.

Goal – 26.2 miles

Goal Date – 9/22/2013

Miles to run week 1 – 14

Exercise Fact – If you had every single muscle in your body work together at the same time, you could lift about 50,000 pounds.

Marathon Training