152 days and counting…

I promise not to use the number of days left as my heading each week but it was interesting to see it up on the marathon site.  Really not that long and I know the time will fly. Not time yet to get anxious.  I’m going to stick to this training plan and prepare with the intent to enjoy as much of the run as possible.  Even if I do another marathon in the future, running an event like this for the first time in a great location only happens once.

Completed week 3 strong.  Ran the Seahawks 12k on Sunday (which is 7.46 miles and above the training plan technically) in under 1 1/2 hours.  That was my goal and it is the first race that I have beat my personal goal.  Usually I’m right at the mark I set or just over.  I had a few splits that were also personal bests.  The 5 mile split was under 1 hour and my 10k was right at 1:10.  Both about 5 min. faster than my last events at those distances.  I’m also feeling better at the end of the runs.  Not only did I run the race without walking breaks, I felt that another mile or so would have been doable.  Don’t get me wrong, I was tired and ending the race was no hardship.  It simply feels good to know that pace and endurance are improving. There were plenty of times during the race that I had to keep focused to not give in and walk. I kept reminding myself that I ran 5 miles in the mud and rain two weeks before so hitting 5 miles again was going to happen. I had to remind myself that I ran 6 miles last week, so not stopping at 5 etc.

I had a few “cool” moments during the run as well.  First, my playlist is random so I never know what is going to come up next.  Not to long after mile 3 a song came on called “I’m Running”.  It is a upbeat, worship song that was exactly what I needed at that time.  I was coming up some inclines (I won’t call them hills as that would be too generous) and needed that extra push a good song can give in the middle of a race.  Also, not to long before the Seahawks training facility the Renton SWAT K-9 unit passed me.  4 men and their dog running the race.  After the events of the last week in Boston, I knew that we would see some new measures at the race.  This was a nice surprise and the runners were thanking them all day for what they do to protect everyone and not just on the race.  Finally, running through the facility and having Seahawks at the water station and the Blue Thunder drummers playing away was fun.  Helped lighted the race atmosphere just when the racers were needing a pick-me-up. Also really cool of the Seahawks that were signing autographs to stick around until the line was done.  It was raining at that point and a bit cold but they were there even when the tents were being taken down.

So this week is going to be fairly “easy”.  My mid-week doesn’t change in distance for a few weeks so I’ll be pushing for better pace.  Long run is set for 6 miles on Sat. this week as well.  If the weather holds I’ll be out at Alki or some other trail enjoying spring. Suggestions for good trails?  I’ll take them.  Partners, I’ll take you too. 🙂

Miles Ran in week 3 – 17.5 miles

Miles to run in week 4 – 16 miles

Exercise Fact: If you are not a regular exerciser, by the time you are 65 you may experience as much as an 80% decrease in your muscle strength.

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